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VLC Media Player is the best solution to a lot of operating systems. So if you’re concerned this software program might not work accordingly to your computer, download VLC Media Player for free.

Our website provides free downloads of open source program. VLC Media Player is a free and open-source software program published under the Terms and Conditions of GNU General Public License (GPL). VLC Media Player is available to download for free from the developers's website.

Install & Un-Install

Installing a software program you desire comes with two basic considerations. The first thing to consider before installing anything is the OS or Operating System you have and its compatibility with the software program you want to install. If this is the first time you are installing software, please check out some basic overview on how to smoothly install software whether it is a game or a utility tool.


Installation Tips


If you have chosen a program you want to install, the first tip you must do is check on the programs system requirements. There are programs that need Internet connection, a specific RAM size and other requirements.

  • Read carefully the provided manuals on how to install a program. Most of the time, software programs come with the so called “readme file” to guide end users on how to install correctly the needed software.
  • There are times when end users are prompted to install or run a different program before you can successfully install your preferred program. Therefore, you will be prompted accordingly in this case to run a different program.
  • It is highly recommended to stop using or stop running any other programs if you are going to install a different program in order to avoid any errors.
  • Sometimes, end users are required to reboot their computer as soon as they’re done with the installation process. If so, make sure you are ready to do the reboot process.


Microsoft and MS-DOS Users Installation Process


Software program installation is easy and it actually depends on the type of computer platform you are using. For Windows users, here are the simple steps you can follow upon installation process:

1. Open “My Computer”

2. Locate the drive containing the files needed for installation.

3. Look for the label “setup or install” file and double click it to start the installation process.

For MS-DOS users, the important thing is to have a basic knowledge of its DOS commands when installing software and here’s the process:

1. Before anything else, make sure to switch drive where the installation files are located.

2. Once you are in the same drive where the installation files are, simply run the executable for the purpose of setting up. You can also just type “setup” or “install” at the prompt in order to start the installation. Please note of the follow DOS commands in case you received a bad command or error message along the process:

dir*.exe, dir*.com or dir*.bat.

Now that you know how simple it is to install a software program, you must also note that uninstalling the same program is very easy. No special skills or steps needed to perform such tasks.


Uninstallation Process


Just like installing any programs, uninstalling process may differ depending on the type of platform an end user is using. Because most software programs are compatible to Microsoft Windows platform, let us show you how to uninstall programs in Windows.


Uninstall Programs for Windows Users


The process of removing a software program for Windows users is quite easy. First, locate the start button and look for the menu “control panel”. Check on its submenu “programs” and proceed to the “programs and features”. Now, look for the program you want to remove or delete and simply click the uninstall button. Simple, fast and very easy.


Uninstall Programs for Mac Users


Mac users will have no difficulty removing or uninstalling any software programs because under Mac OS X system, the process is way simpler as compared to Windows. End users will have to drag the icon of a given program on its trash and uninstalling process is started.


Notes to Ponder


Installing and uninstalling software’s is easy as long as end users know what to do first and what are the things to check. Put in mind that the compatibility of a given software and your current operating system is very important. To save yourself time, check on the above given tips and the different ways to install and uninstall a program. Basic knowledge is a must along with following the right instructions in order to smoothly install a program or uninstall it.