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VLC Media Player is the best solution to a lot of operating systems. So if you’re concerned this software program might not work accordingly to your computer, download VLC Media Player for free.

Our website provides free downloads of open source program. VLC Media Player is a free and open-source software program published under the Terms and Conditions of GNU General Public License (GPL). VLC Media Player is available to download for free from the developers's website.


What is VLC?

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Finding the right media player for your needs could sometimes be a challenge. There are a lot of media players available for free but only few comes with good features that can be very useful to most media player users. One of the most recommended is the VLC Media Player. What is VLC Media Player? In case you haven’t heard about it or you’re just new in the world of media players, VLC stands for VideoLAN Client. This software is free of charge and can be downloaded by everyone.

VLC Media Player; Powerful yet Simple

For most of its users, VLC Media Player is considered as the most powerful of all media players for it can read and play almost all file formats there is. Using this software makes your movie life simpler and stress free. Unlike other players which can only play few formats, this one can play everything you desire from MP3, MP4, OGG, WMV, and dozens more. If you want to stream, this software can provide it for you without any difficulty.

VLC Media Player

The use of VLC is currently popular, aside from it supports a lot of file formats, it is also capable of providing subtitles! Life when watching movies with subtitles is way better as compared to assuming and basing the entire foreign language film on the sequence of events and actions alone. You want short cuts? This software comes with a lot of key short cuts. So if you want to manipulate VLC, there are dozens of useful key short cuts you can make use of so you don’t have to go through some series of steps to adjust the volume of your movie, to pause, to stop, to play, to record and more.

If you have been using VLC Media Player for quite some time now, I’m sure you will agree that this software is really smooth operating. It can be customized and it even comes with cool and interesting skins to choose from. So if you want something new and a more personalized media player, make use of VLC and explore some of its available skins.

VLC Skins

VLC is also cross-platform which means it supports different operating systems. So whether you are using a Microsoft Windows platform, a Mac OS X, a Linux system, a remote OS such as iOS or Android, fear not for VLC Media Player can handle it all. Now, VLC can be used anywhere users want. Whether it is through an iPad, an iPhone, a Smartphone, a tablet and other devices, VLC is really playable. It is lightweight therefore even storing it in a USB flash drive is possible.

No wonder that most media player users are fond or hooked in using VLC Media Player. This software is indeed powerful in terms of its functionalities yet very simple in terms of its interface and operation. Regardless of whether you’re a novice user or not, VLC Media Player will suit you. It is useful, handy, and portable and above all comes for free. So there’s definitely no other software that can top VLC Media Player.

Powerful Components of VLC

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Why do you think VLC ranks on top among other media players? Out of the most extensive judgment and evaluation of people for the most significant media player, VLC has remained the leader of the category. Certainly, VLC has met all the standards of modern, complete and independent media player in the entire universe. It is over poured with elements that has special roles in delivering error-free and neat media output. Likewise it has input file formats that are essentially processed to transform a simple element into powerful multimedia solution.

Although it is packed with all the necessary characteristics right from the very start, VLC never stops to accept new elements that can enhance the capability of the software on its optimum level. It is always open for advancement without compromising the security of the software by providing specially designed filters to thoroughly screen the quality of files to be approved. Now, is the best time that you also experience the power of this media player. You don’t have to perform extra steps to win one. Simply grab your mouse and click download VLC and it’s yours totally free.

VLC powerfully plays media files. This media player doesn’t simply play simple files, instead extraordinary files that need special and appropriate handling. VLC media player ensures that it can delight you with the best performance you could ever imagine. For instance, it can find ways to play the most difficult files on your computers. It can even made damage, corrupted, unknown or unfinished media files to work successfully.

This initiative is made possible to you by VLC media player because it has an extensive step by step framework and design, which is always ready to work dynamically for a successful output.

VLC powerfully connect peer-to-peer network. This media player allows you to enjoy all the advance quality of media display like digital and hi-definition. You can actually connect to the network of your peers right away because of its P2P functionalities. You can download as much multimedia files in a speed that you’ll be most thrilled with. You can also count on the stable connection of peers, which give you the chance to stream your favorite movies without any intermittent experience.

VLC powerfully support media formats. VLC media player support complete list of input and output formats which includes, containers, subtitles, audio, video, capture devices and all types of network protocols. VLC media player is always complete in all areas. From features, support and functionalities, it covers it all. However, VLC is also the leader in innovation and advancement. It was never complacent with the value of performance and perfection that it can deliver to users. Hence, it finds means to enhance the quality of the software far beyond the basic. To materialize all these efforts, it ensures that it has extended its scope of support to all the possible areas that may contribute to the refine output of the media player. And to finally make your share among millions of VLC users worldwide, it’s time you download free VLC.


VLC and MediaPortal: Top 2 Ranking Media Players

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Power, this is one of the many attributes media players are looking for. If you are into media player power, there are only 2 players that can pass the test of power and that is VLC media player and the MediaPortal. Both are almost the same, it handles large file formats effectively and in varying sizes plus it is filled with great features that are not usually found on other media players. VLC media player as a start is pretty big and high end. VLC media player can stream Internet videos easily while MediaPortal can do too!

VLC can also play video files, audio files as well as images just like MediaPortal! Both also come for free making it highly commendable to download. VLC’s user interface is simple but it has tons of high end and advanced features to offer. But then again, same goes with MediaPortal! Both media players are almost the same, the only different would be the speed these 2 works. Plus, VLC media player is capable of converting files into another file format without really undergoing too many processes; this is why most users would rather have a VLC download.

What about MediaPortal? MediaPortal from the looks of it, comes with a lot of advanced features, attractive user interface and graphics and impeccable audio and video quality. However, if compared to VLC, MediaPortal will only rank second, why? Because VLC’s features and functionalities are unmatched compared to MediaPortal. In addition, MediaPortal can be managed remotely. What about VLC? Well, VLC can also be managed remotely even with the use of a browser. You may think VLC comes with limited features, but you might be surprised to know that VLC works more than you can think of.

What about subtitles? Both software works perfectly fine. VLC can handle subtitle formats and the same as with MediaPortal. You might not believe it but VLC can also adjust the speed of the subtitle format being displayed on the screen. Yes, this is how manageable and useful VLC media player is. So if you have a choice, which between these 2 software’s would you rank first and second? Undeniably, a lot of media player users rank VLC as the first and MediaPortal as the second. VLC also comes as an open source freeware enabling other users to improve it even better. No copyright issues and monetary amount will be involved as long as you avoid reverse engineering and respect the rules set upon by the software provider/developer. Download VLC media player and MediaPortal to start enjoying features that are unique and not found on other media players. Indeed, VLC media player will always be number one.

The Return of VLC Media Player to iOS

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VLC users are all aware that once in its app cycle it became part of the iOS app store. With VLC out there, users can view videos and listen to audio files in different platforms. It doesn’t matter whether the user is using Mac, Linux or Windows platform; VLC media player can read files in any format and can play in different Operating System. Unfortunately, due to its license dispute, this flexible media player was ousted from iOS app store. With this event, Mac users were then forced to use other programs aside from VLC media player just to open an audio or video file. Fortunately, the licensing dispute is now over and VLC users most especially those that are using VLC in Mac platform are thrilled to welcome back VLC media player in the iOS app store!


Many considered VLC media player as a prodigal media player, a once ousted player which is now back in action. So what perks can users get out of the return of VLC to iOS? As a start, users can now share their iTunes file to their VLC media player through iTunes File Sharing. This widely used program can download whatever file you feel like downloading from a URL. Users can also make use of its streaming capacity and best of all, share files and gain access from Dropbox account. Because VLC is back in iOS, do you think it will affect iOS’s very own video app? The truthful answer is yes. You see, VLC media player alone can replace iOS’s own video program. In fact, it can oust iOS video apps due to its wide range of features that are not even found on iOS apps.

VLC media player

The question now is, will users shift from iOS video apps now that VLC app is back in store? Experts believed that with the gained popularity of iOS, it will now be hard for VLC to penetrate again. Although many were happy when they first heard that VLC has returned, it seems that iOS users are already stable and that the use of MP4 encoded videos is considered as an Internet staple. The prodigal media player may have returned, many were thrilled and excited but some were not that interested anymore. Regardless of the users reactions, VLC media player will remain the best app worldwide, whether it is found in iOS app store or not. So download VLC media player now and start taking advantage of all its great features. You can split videos all throughout multiple screens, do screenshots, copy and rip off DVD’s, perform online Internet streaming and more. VLC media player will never bore you nor disappoint you. So download VLC media player and enjoy!

VLC Perfect Media Player

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Looking for a perfect media player? Then your long wait has come to an end, VLC is here to fulfil your desire. VLC is a type of media player that is known to play almost all types of files and media formats. It is perfect for movies, music, images and all other media files. This popular multimedia player is planned precisely in a way that no area of opportunity is noticed. It has great selections of components, which powerfully support the whole performance of the software. VLC media player is the true model of a faultless media player that you can take advantage all the time. It supports the premium interfaces, protocols and tasks.

Likewise, VLC is a type of media player, which never sink for any ordinary option, instead provides you with extended scopes and features beyond your expectation of a multimedia software. This media player guarantees that it holds the best and efficient tools in playing, compressing, recording and enhancing all types of media files. It has also consistent performance regardless of the platforms and age of your data processor. In fact, it has wide choices of versions to cope with every aspect that your system requires. Everything was carefully polished with VLC, so that you only have one simple task to execute and that is to download VLC perfect media player.

VLC media player is a manageable program. It has easy-to-use menu and application, which everyone ca grasp easily. It has an orderly arrangement of tools which can be manipulated in just short clicks and glides from your mouse. It has well classified playlist, music library and folders, which everyone can name and rename according to the fanciest label that they preferred. Also, a complete multimedia keypad was prepared automatically for fast adjustment and setup of volume, display and many more swift commands. VLC media player is also made available in many mobile devices to secure your full excitement in the solace of your own pocket.

It is accurately designed with the highest portability, hence it can equally give you the same multimedia quality even with small screen gadgets. Indeed, VLC is a smart software in all area. From the logo, style, components and qualities, it has everything perfectly built just to give you authentic multimedia solution. It is so easy to enjoy a copy, simply download free VLC perfect media player right now. Today, you have found the best technology to hold on your system. Make sure to dig every inch of VLC media player because infinite surprises await you. Collect as much music and video as you can. You need not to worry about the media format because VLC can play it all for you perfectly. Enjoy it for free! Go ahead and have your own free VLC perfect media player download.

VLC as Technology

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VLC media player is recognized as the top downloaded media player. It is even considered as total software that passes the criteria to have the largest number of users worldwide. VLC is complete media player and an absolute technology. VLC media player is not just inspired to display media files but play the liveliest media output you’ve ever wanted. Each of the areas of VLC is carefully filtered to render exceptional multimedia effects. There is no dull aspect that you could see with VLC because it is an idea drafted purposely to be a supreme technology. VLC media player eases your life in different aspect. Complete your system with technology of style and comfort. It’s free! Download VLC media player now.

VLC as technology is undisputed. It works in many magnificent forms. VLC ensures that it can cope even with difficult formats to deliver you clearest media outputs. VLC as technology is steadfast and you can be sure of its reliability all the time. It is made with definite specifications to every Operating System to give advance information on how to deal with it. VLC as technology is simple and can be manipulated with minimal configurations. It has the handiest menus and tools ready to deliver output in just a click. Each interface is carefully chosen to support functions with special needs. Go grab your non-costly technology, download free VLC media player.

In addition, VLC as technology is lovely and attractive. It makes sure that it is pleasing with the visuals of the user. It is filled with trendy innovations which can be customized to match your style. In case, you wanted to change the looks of this technology, you simply have to choose from the list of available options that was provided to you. It includes different skins, themes and controls that you can always set depending on your preference. Also, you can always add more by simply downloading files directly from your web browsers or install it from other sources and physical media. There’s always more with VLC as technology. It may come with tiny and light file size but radiates strong and heavy when it comes to features and comfort.

Furthermore, VLC as technology is economical. It has all the valuable resources but is maximized in very reasonable way. It ensures that you can save lots of your energy, time, money and effort in choosing this technology. It allows you to save energy because everything is provided in an instant. It is a type of technology that loads your file in a flash. It has the daintiest directories and folders to arrange your files systematically. Also, it saves lots of your time and effort searching for media files which displays complete results in few seconds. Above all, VLC as technology is absolutely free of financial requirements. VLC as technology is complete, what else can you ask for, go get free VLC media player download now.

VLC First-Rate Media Player

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Nothing can beat the finest and well-sheered media player nowadays, VLC. VLC is recognized as top software that you trust all the time. It has the finest features and functionalities that are beyond compare. Another, it has the most advance and modern characteristics that you can always take advantage for free. You can always be certain that you’ll only experience quality performances and smooth execution of tasks with VLC media player. This software is skillfully produced from the most refine elements and components that you’re looking for a multimedia tool. VLC assures you that you’ll only get nothing but first-class entertainment and pleasure through simple glides and clicks of your controllers.

It is very easy and fast to own your personal version of the software. It only takes few seconds to download VLC first-rate media player, grab one now. VLC media player is a high caliber program in all aspects. It can provide you perfect output effortlessly. Another, it can enhance, manipulate and modify media files and formats to create unique and powerful image, video, audio and tons of useful elements for your enjoyment. Also, it has best choice of formats that supports variety of functions in music, movies, pictures and a lot more.

Furthermore, VLC is a good converter because it makes it a point to put everything correctly. It can convert different types of formats from one form to another in order to enhance its compatibility with the system. VLC is indeed the most refine video player you could ever have. It never fails to complement you according to your demands and desire, while making sure that only the best qualities are offered to you. These top qualities are always yours to experience, download free VLC first-rate media player. Having this high level media player means huge comfort and benefits to users.

It is multi-purpose software that doesn’t demand or asks any payments for you to enjoy it. It can also perform tasks beyond its description. All these can be manipulated with several steps and little access of tools. VLC is world renowned software that clearly offers its expertise and high class components and performances. It has transparent outputs that you can always expect out of the commands and inputs that you have executed. Furthermore, it has high standard of portability that you can enjoy wherever you are and with the use of your favorite gadgets. You’ll always encounter all these from free VLC first-rate media player download.

VLC: A Well Designed Media Player

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If you are looking for a media player that has unblemished structure then VLC will ease your job. With VLC you will not be having a hard time looking for a well designed features because it can offer it to you free and easy. Every angle of this media player was made with finest ideas. It is carefully crafted to match the needs of everybody most especially those who are just first time to try the software. VLC has simple designs making sure that everyone can have full grasp of the media player even in a short time of navigating it. It is carefully labelled in a way that it is obtainable to everyone. All the tools are designed with the best commands that can be executed with just a click, drug and drop, shortcuts and copy and paste.

The buttons and tabs are lined with perfect symmetry to ensure fast navigation. Searching of files can be access in very short span of time. Each file has its own folder. It can be classified according to category and other specifications. It has complete details, information and backgrounds whether it is audio, video, data or any other media files. It has considerable file size that is specially design to match the free space of your device. It is also designed with high efficiency and fast interaction with the system. VLC is compatible to almost all types of hardware regardless of the model and make. This media player is well represented software that you’ll surely love. Make the most out of its perfect structure; download VLC a well designed media player.

Nothing can beat VLC in all aspects. Whether it is performance, tasks or output it have appropriate elements to support you. When it comes to configurable options and preference it has also mixed it carefully. With regards to the amount, this media player has the highest value that you could ever have from software. This multimedia tool is well planned according to your fancy and comfort. It has maximizes it usability because of the effective designs and principles. It never encounters any errors because it is patterned in a way that it can instantly cope with any undesirable process.

The technique that was utilized to ensure the versatility of this software is undeniably faultless and well organized. It can even adapt with other peripherals to extend its scope. It maintains its qualities and performance in the most consistent approach. VLC is a good investment makes more luxurious because it does not require any amount to have one. It is also designed to have open source codes and free licenses. Download free download VLC a well designed media player now. Undeniably, VLC is well designed media player. You can even see it literally with its simple yet very inviting orange and white traffic cone logo. It is little yet it has created a mark in the world of multimedia. Get it quick, have your free VLC a well designed media player download.

VLC The Most Trending Multimedia Player

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VLC is always on top of the conversation when the topic is about media player. It is always the first choice among other media player. This multimedia player application ensures that it has the best to offer. It ensures that it has on time updates and latest innovations when it comes to the latest media solutions. VLC never runs out of new surprises and modern touches to match the growing needs of all its users. Every media formats are recognized by the system in a way that it produces the most efficient output. Each features was carefully put together to complete both the needs and demands of users from a multimedia player. The popularity of VLC is endless because of its consistency and stability to deliver all its functionalities flawlessly.

VLC Download

Everyone wanted to have a one stop media player which means all their cravings for the finest movies, latest audios and most compatible data and images can be executed properly with just simple manipulations just like their experience with VLC. VLC always have fair share of the most refine media performances that it is why it is always on trend despite of numerous media players out there. This trendy software managed to keep its desire to provide nothing but excellence and upgraded functions to everyone, whether first timers or experts in multimedia aspects. Go with the fad and experience what is new, download VLC the most trending multimedia player.

VLC Media Player

VLC has received countless commendations because of its million ways to entertain its users. Every application has its own role to promote. This software has assembled all the essential components including interfaces, codecs, plug-in, built-in, libraries and even filters to maximize all its performances in to deliver output in the most fashionable. Furthermore, it is well-loved media player because it always adjusts to the needs and wants of every user. VLC see to it that it can go with the flow and create the best media solutions that can instantly meet the standards of everyone. Get your free VLC the most trending multimedia player download now. It has already complete programs and tools, but still it managed to produce different versions for never ending preferences.

VLC Media Player Download

It ensures that it can deliver the newest copies of software that has perfect ideas and features to suit the trending demands. It has also the simplest system requirements for fast installation of the software to any computer system. It can also as portable as you want it to be. VLC has indeed crafted everything that you want to be on trend. If you want to download it to your handiest gadgets, you can surely have your copy everywhere. Wherever you are VLC see to it that you’ll never get outdated with the brand new multimedia demands. Also, VLC ensure that is always the most downloaded media player. The coolest delivery of outputs makes everyone the most satisfied users. There’s nothing more that you can ask for with VLC. It always updates and upgrades to complete every modern aspect of a multimedia solution. You only have to download free VLC the most trending multimedia player to be in.

VLC: The Best Designed Media Player

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VLC has top its potential and maximized its functions because it is designed in the most perfect and precise manner. Everything with with this media player is well coordinated. The supported media files and formats are carefully picked to ensure that has the finest and grandest results to all its users. The codec’s was carefully chosen and assigned in particular order to produce perfect audio, video, image and data outputs. The programs and libraries are selected accordingly in order for the scripts to be recognized by the software. Furthermore, only the powerful interfaces were installed to incorporate the tasks in its swiftest order. Filters were screened thoroughly to function efficiently according to its integration. Media inputs are only considered after detailed selection. Media outputs are processed in its finest form.


Protocols were briefly patterned in the best way that it can match the standards of the software. Features were collectively designed to deliver all the tasks in highest productivity. This Media Player’s built the whole application without any flaws or limitations just to provide everyone total satisfaction the highest quality that they deserve for multimedia software.  For you to be able to explore this media player you simply have to design the best option and that is to download the best designed media player by clicking here. It has designed everything perfectly. White and orange traffic cone logo is just right to describe the precise transition of all the functions of this media player. It is even the most popular logo among the media players. All its qualities are designed to be utilized by all users in the easiest manner.

Free VLC

Its portability function is also crafted appropriately for busy users who wanted to enjoy VLC even in their handy gadgets. It has also music visualization purposely added to provide exact representation of all your music activities. Playing all types of media formats is one of the premier functions of VLC which is accurately designed to support and play all types of files even those damaged and encrypted files from other media sources. Watching video find its place in VLC, HD and digital qualities can be yours instantly. With regards to system compatibility, it ensures that each and everyone will not be having a hard time looking for compatible Operating System because it is designed to match and run even in the older computer hardware and lower version OS and totally free of any fees.

VLC Features

Now, you have met all the standards of VLC, especially designed for your accessibility, the best designed media player. VLC is undeniably experts in multimedia support. The designs of each of the components are planned beautifully which reflects on its performances. It has all the expanded scopes provided for free and can be utilized in the best possible preference. Each and every little pieces of this media player was successfully designed wherein users can recognize it right away. When it comes to multimedia design, VLC has really made a mark where millions of copies downloaded globally can highly attest to it. Have yourself counted and appreciate your free, best designed media player download yet?