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The Return of VLC Media Player to iOS

👤 🕔 July 15, 2014 0

VLC users are all aware that once in its app cycle it became part of the iOS app store. With VLC out there, users can view videos and listen to audio files in different platforms. It doesn’t matter whether the user is using Mac, Linux or Windows platform; VLC media player can read files in any format and can play in different Operating System. Unfortunately, due to its license dispute, this flexible media player was ousted from iOS app store. With this event, Mac users were then forced to use other programs aside from VLC media player just to open an audio or video file. Fortunately, the licensing dispute is now over and VLC users most especially those that are using VLC in Mac platform are thrilled to welcome back VLC media player in the iOS app store!


Many considered VLC media player as a prodigal media player, a once ousted player which is now back in action. So what perks can users get out of the return of VLC to iOS? As a start, users can now share their iTunes file to their VLC media player through iTunes File Sharing. This widely used program can download whatever file you feel like downloading from a URL. Users can also make use of its streaming capacity and best of all, share files and gain access from Dropbox account. Because VLC is back in iOS, do you think it will affect iOS’s very own video app? The truthful answer is yes. You see, VLC media player alone can replace iOS’s own video program. In fact, it can oust iOS video apps due to its wide range of features that are not even found on iOS apps.

VLC media player

The question now is, will users shift from iOS video apps now that VLC app is back in store? Experts believed that with the gained popularity of iOS, it will now be hard for VLC to penetrate again. Although many were happy when they first heard that VLC has returned, it seems that iOS users are already stable and that the use of MP4 encoded videos is considered as an Internet staple. The prodigal media player may have returned, many were thrilled and excited but some were not that interested anymore. Regardless of the users reactions, VLC media player will remain the best app worldwide, whether it is found in iOS app store or not. So download VLC media player now and start taking advantage of all its great features. You can split videos all throughout multiple screens, do screenshots, copy and rip off DVD’s, perform online Internet streaming and more. VLC media player will never bore you nor disappoint you. So download VLC media player and enjoy!

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