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VLC and MediaPortal: Top 2 Ranking Media Players

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Power, this is one of the many attributes media players are looking for. If you are into media player power, there are only 2 players that can pass the test of power and that is VLC media player and the MediaPortal. Both are almost the same, it handles large file formats effectively and in varying sizes plus it is filled with great features that are not usually found on other media players. VLC media player as a start is pretty big and high end. VLC media player can stream Internet videos easily while MediaPortal can do too!

VLC can also play video files, audio files as well as images just like MediaPortal! Both also come for free making it highly commendable to download. VLC’s user interface is simple but it has tons of high end and advanced features to offer. But then again, same goes with MediaPortal! Both media players are almost the same, the only different would be the speed these 2 works. Plus, VLC media player is capable of converting files into another file format without really undergoing too many processes; this is why most users would rather have a VLC download.

What about MediaPortal? MediaPortal from the looks of it, comes with a lot of advanced features, attractive user interface and graphics and impeccable audio and video quality. However, if compared to VLC, MediaPortal will only rank second, why? Because VLC’s features and functionalities are unmatched compared to MediaPortal. In addition, MediaPortal can be managed remotely. What about VLC? Well, VLC can also be managed remotely even with the use of a browser. You may think VLC comes with limited features, but you might be surprised to know that VLC works more than you can think of.

What about subtitles? Both software works perfectly fine. VLC can handle subtitle formats and the same as with MediaPortal. You might not believe it but VLC can also adjust the speed of the subtitle format being displayed on the screen. Yes, this is how manageable and useful VLC media player is. So if you have a choice, which between these 2 software’s would you rank first and second? Undeniably, a lot of media player users rank VLC as the first and MediaPortal as the second. VLC also comes as an open source freeware enabling other users to improve it even better. No copyright issues and monetary amount will be involved as long as you avoid reverse engineering and respect the rules set upon by the software provider/developer. Download VLC media player and MediaPortal to start enjoying features that are unique and not found on other media players. Indeed, VLC media player will always be number one.

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